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How to regenerate icon cache on linux ?

Icon cache missing on ubuntu / linux mint / peppermint . Here’s how you can easily regenerate your entire icon cache in a few seconds.

There aren’t enough SSD / NAND flash drives

According to some online sources, the current year (2017) is a year of shortages in the solid state drive industry (more commonly known as SSD drives or NAND flash drives). The huge demand for this microelectronic device has surpassed the production capacity of the factories that produce it, and the exponential growth of devices that […]

Goodbye, miss Mayer and Yahoo, looking forward to Altaba ?!

According to several online news sources, the Yahoo-Verizon deal is a closed one, and Yahoo is no longer a standalone company, but part of the much larger Verizon family. Former CEO Marissa Mayer, who’s poor judgement and lack of actual understanding of technology brought Yahoo close to annihilation, has also stepped down from her leadership […]

Free diff / text comparison utility

TL;DR: FREE diff utility. An online tool that helps you more easily recognise the differences between two similar texts.Or any two texts for that matter Here’s a neat “diff” utility for making quick assessments of where two texts differ. How is this useful ? Well, for starters, if you are an affiliate, or use paypal, […]

How to install Prestashop on mysql 5.7 or newer


TL;DR version: here’s how you can solve the Prestashop installation error “SQL error on query Invalid default value for ‘last_connection_date’”. If you are installing a Prestashop CMS for your e-commerce needs on a server that is configured with a mysql backend with version numbers 5.7, or any of its newer versions, you might get stuck […]

How to parse HTML files with apache / php7

TL;DR version: here’s how to parse HTML files with PHP hypertext preprocessor on apache 2.4x webserver, and PHP7 on linux In PHP 7, the newest and ever more popular version of the PHP scripting language, the only files that are parsed by default are the ones that have .php, .phtml, or .php3/php4/php5 extensions. I don’t […]