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Getting more exposure for your articles from already existing visitors

One of the challenges of every blogger is obviously, bringing traffic to the blog, but most bloggers using the “generally accepted” methods for doing that, forget that there are simple, policy-compliant, easy-to-implement, and easy to overlook solutions. While some of the social media sharing specialists like addit, sharethis, and others, do offer some form of […]

How to add a feedburner subscription popup to your blogger blog

The Blogger platform, operated by internet giant Google, is actually a quite complete blogging solution, and currently millions of bloggers use it to publish anything from poetry to rants to tech news ans gossip, basically, if any topic is decent and useful, you can probably find a .blogspot blog about that topic. But even though […]

Blogger thinks 2+2#4 (two plus two is not always four !)

I sometimes wonder how is it even possible, that software and service giants like google, yahoo, microsoft, and other companies their size can even exist in a technology world presumably dominated by pure, hard-core mathematics, and yet, fail to respect even the simplest arithmetic rules, such as 2+2=4. Blogger now “thinks” that math should not […]

Disallow visitors with adblockers to see your content

After following a very interesting thread on google plus with regard to people using adblockers while visiting sites on the internet, I’ve realised that so many people simply don’t understand that some of us actually make a living, as humble as it may be, by displaying ads on our sites. And according to some of […]

Automate your blogging tasks with free online services – part III. – You have set up a feed with feedburner. Now what ?

You have set up a feed with feedburner. Now what ? In the previous post in this multipost series (see part I and part II. here) I have presented the challenges of automating some of the repetitive blogging tasks that any serious or professional blogger is faced with, and in today’s post, I’ll try to […]

Automating your blogging activities with free online services – Part II – using feedburner to automate your blogging activities

In my previous post about automating your online blogging activities, I’ve highlighted some of the challenges that any blogger that loves efficiency is faced with, and given a general description of what are some of the tools that can be used to automate some of the repetitive tasks, such as twitter, facebook, feedburner, networkedblogs, google […]